Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Why, why, why?

Why am I making this blog?

Well, for a few reasons. To aid my training, for my own entertainment, because some people liked my musings and asked me to and to see the scorn on Ollie Geddes's face. I was also inspired by some of the existing BJJ blogs (, , , ). Without exception though if you really want to read BJJ comedy gold, this diary/thread at bullshido is the best on the net .

I am fresh to the BJJ game, a pure an unsullied white belt. So I wont be posting lots of techniques, as there are plenty of better sources. Ill be keeping my own discriptions of techniques as well to a minimum for the same reason, but will talk about the interesting cases that pop up. Mostly I will be writing about my experiences, musings, thoughts and ideas hopefully in an entertaining fashion.

As of writing this I am 8 months into training, so Ill be playing catch up. I have plenty to write about!, So you wont have to wait long for updates!.

Now a Brief introduction:

I am a 24 year old healthy white male, originally from South Africa but have been living in Surrey england for over 10 years now. I trained in judo for 4 years back in SA, which I thank the grappling gods for every training day. Other than BJJ I play alot of cricket!. I work in outdoor education, so Im always active with cycling, climbing, orienteering, forest schools, challenge courses etc. The downside is my arms are very tanned but everything past knees and elbows is white, Daz white.

I train in Guildford (soon to be farnborough) under Andy Roberts who is a brown belt under Roger Gracie. We have a great bunch of varied guys, which along with Andy is the clubs strength.


slideyfoot said...

Awesome - another one to add to my Google Reader! :)

By the way, would have thought links would look a little prettier if you used tags rather than the whole URL: i.e., [a href=""]link[/a], but using <> instead of []. Or [a href="" target="_blank"]link[/a] to get it to open in a new window.

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Ah yes!, good thinking batman!. Just a few more posts and then ill be caught up to present day. Just gotta include the oxford throwdown and a few other things.

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slideyfoot said...

Being subscribed to the comments on this post means I get to see all kinds of spam. Exciting stuff! ;)

I prefer to moderate comments, and also limit it to registered users. Seems to cut down on spam a bit, though that does remind me to check my 'spam comment' inbox (I'd forgotten blogger has one of those until just now).