Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bullshido Oxford throwdown

This actually happened a month or two before the hereford comp, so quite early on in my training.

I belong and post reguarly on a website called bullshido. A bunch of them organised a training event in oxford, for people to meet and socialise as well as train.

Met Can of slideyfoot fame and got to roll with him, Can (pronounced Jun) is a blue belt at Roger Gracies. I felt I could try out muscle him and try bully him with power. I still ponder the results. Pass to half guard, get put back to full guard, pass to side, get put back to full guard, over and over. Without him using much strength at all, I was moving but no oppertunity came up for me to attack. He has a passive style that I felt was quite responsive making it hard for me to figure out. Fromt his fight I have learnt that good technique trumps strength everytime, even though strength can always help it was if anything a hinderence in this roll. As I was thinking of it as an advantage over a more experienced opponent.

I rolled with a no gi guy from Reading, who looked very athletic. He was like a ghost on me, constantly rotating all around me. He gave some good pointers and encouragement, him and his brother introduced me to S mount. Something I end up using much more in the future.

I roll against a judo guy about my size but perhaps a little bit younger. It dawns on me I cant remember much judo. But I decide to play his game. Bad idea. He doesnt get a mega style ippon but each time he lands in a good position and works for a sub and gets it. It is frustrating, I feel silly. I decide to change tactic, I jump and pull guard rather sloppily. But from there I walk my legs up and secure a loose triangle!, I get zee tap!. Lesson learned, an important lesson that comes up in a later post I may add!

I roll against an older man much heavier, more experienced than I. Blue belt in BJJ, 2nd dan in judo, 2nd dan Japanese jujitsu and a war veteran. Its like being in a comfortable car crash, he destroys me utterly.

I do some San Da (chinese kickboxing) sparring with a guy from a sister club to my old kung fu club, his less experienced and I go for some clinch work and takedowns. Great guy and a good laugh to talk to afterwards.

In the end we trained for almost 6 hours (I think), was good fun and I hope to attend another at some point. Slideyfoot (can) posts a write up of this event as well on his blog.

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slideyfoot said...

Mainly lack of experience on your part, at the time. You weren't able to hold position because you didn't know how to crush your weight down (keeping hips low, placement of chest etc), so that left me enough space to wiggle back to half guard and then closed guard each time you passed.

I imagine if we rolled now, you'd be able to hold me in place and have better weight distribution once you got to side control. That would mean I'd probably end up in my usual sparring patten of getting put on my back, spending the rest of the spar trying to escape. ;)

Should be able to find out when Farnborough opens up, as I plan to be at the opening seminar. :D

My write-up here, with some rather distant video.