Saturday, 9 August 2008

Trying to keep up

At this point in catching the blog up to recent times, I am training twice a week pretty consistently but it still doesnt feel enough. However I was able to train twice a week because I got a new job even though it does sometimes require me to works lates and miss a session. The bonus is, its not far from where I live. Downside is its up a very big hill. Upside I get to cycle up that hill so it forces cardio training on me!. Downside I get to cycle up that hill and it forces cardio training on me.... . After 2 months it makes a nice difference to my cardio and leg strength, after 3 I feel I am reaping the rewards. I also start a creatine cycle after doing some research to experiment on the effects (recently Ive added protien to this as well). It certainly helps with my weight routine and recovery.

I am feeling in the best shape of my life thanks to BJJ and in excersing to keep up with it. Im also running on occasion, which ive never ever done before. I really hated it to begin with, loathed it. But as I improved and cardio built up I began to enjoy it. The cycling has over shadowed it now as I feel I would be over training if I added running to it as well. I do however try to swim as frequently as possible as I feel cross training is important. I dont think my cricket adds much benefit to my BJJ game, but I love it.

I begin looking at yoga, I have yet to goto a class and instead Ive been learning from a book. However I must someday soon goto a class and learn the postures properly. I certainly underestimated it though.

I start looking at attending another competition, am approaching 7 months of training. I consider the Brighton grab and pull, as the name and location and the stigma of our art is just to much to resist. And it seems like a good step up from the Hereford comp, it is also nice and close. But the weight category best for me seems to be the under 70kg (featherweight), however this includes the gi. At this point I weigh 72kg with the gi so I have to lose just under 3 kilos. I have a few weeks before the comp so I decide to do this slowly and sensibly. Sweating abit more, eating abit better, drinking green tea really helped! and now Im addicted. I drop the creatine as it does cause water weight build up.

Next post: The Brighton grab and pull!

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