Sunday, 10 August 2008

Post Brighton

I dont have as clear a sense of where to progress after Brighton compared to Hereford.But I can make an educated guess, everything. I asked my instructer and he said to focus on what is covered in each lesson, which makes perfect sense. As then my focus is more well rounded and I have to work harder at those techniques because my training partners will be working hard to avoid them. In terms of value for money it makes sense that I get as much as I can out of what I am being taught as well.

Mentally I break down my BJJ into a couple of categories:

Guard passing
Take downs

I sort of imagine it as a pie chart, like those nutritional info ones on food packages. For example, my sweep and submissions pie slices are much bigger than my take downs and positioning slices. Which is bad, the ideal I guess would for them all to be equal. Or if anything positioning/control to be bigger than subs.

By far though my defense is my biggest current strength, I dont know if its just because Im used to my opponents strategies and favourite attacks. But I get positioning dominated much much more than I get subbed. Probaly from getting used to being in bad positions so often. I use my defense as my main way of guard passing as well. I do need to watch out for triangles more though.

As a result of cutting weight for Brighton and training up for it my fitness has hit a new level. I feel I can train for hours and can fully recover from being completely gassed in 1 or 2 minutes. So I have the need for training more!

So I will try drop in at Nova Forca in Epsom when I can. Andy doesnt mind and neither does Ricardo, which is cool as the rival club thing is outdated.

Back on topic though, things that I need to focus on. Takedowns, really need more practise at them. I like the idea of inflicting the mental mini victory of taking an opponent down in sparring and comps.

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