Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Mystery injury

A month or 2 ago I was getting sharp pains in my knee and hip which would wake me up 30 or so minutes after I went to sleep. To help it I walked up instead of cycled my big hill to work, also took fish ols and lots of glucosamine. After a few nights soaked in pain killers the problem pretty much went away with the occasional twinge.

However last night it came back, pretty bad. Pain killers did nothing and I didnt sleep at all. Feels much weaker than before as well, much more uncomfortable during the day. So Ive taken the day off work to let it heal properly, as I think just standing for to long is gonna be quite painfull.

My mom knows a sport therapist she is gonna try get me to meet, probaly best if I dont want this to be a recurring problem.

Im pretty certain the ailment is non BJJ related, but is a result of cycling everyday with incorrect technique/ incorrect saddle height. This is what my research suggests anyway. And yesterday I changed my saddle height so a friend could use my bike, and I cycled back from training pretty fast so that may of been enough to re agrivate the problem.

Wish me a speedy recovery.

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