Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thank you Faixa Rua

Just wanted to say thank you on the blog to Faixa Rua for sending me a cool piece of kit to wear on the pilgrimage. The item in question is the Obi Michi wearable BJJ belt, also mentioned recently on Meerkatsu's blog. I first saw a similar item on an american website but was put off buying in fear of taxes. Its a great idea though and I expect it will do well, so Im more than willing to sport it to some clubs and comps.

The item in question has split the BJJ community though, some think its abit cheesy (like 80's guitar solo's, others (myself included) think its awesome (like 80's guitar solo's).

The material is just like a normal gi belt although different to the normal faixa rua belts. Would I be taking it to far by adding my stripe to it?

Sunday, 20 September 2009


There is more to Brazilian jiu jitsu than jiu jitsu, and brazilians for that matter. Character is important, and I think the training itself is a powerfull filter for those with the wrong sort of character. And I guess thats why you get so many guys and girls from different backgrounds but who get on well in the training environment, because of the similar traits needed. Ive often heard of this also being a sort of prequisite for promotion within the art. Even with boatloads of ability you will not get far if you dont treat your training partners well, respect your instructer and dedicate yourself.

I think club compatriots invest alot of time, effort and emotion into each other. Things we cannot afford to give everyone, and definitely not those who have shown themselves not to deserve it. Im not just talking about the guy who slams you to escape the triangle, Im talking about the guy who ignores the struggling white belt or refuses to help get a guy ready for a big fight or comp. The guy who only fights those 10kg lighter and then makes excuses when he gets put with a bigger guy. The guy who demands his instructer promotes him or he will go elsewhere.

Luckily I dont see those guys very often, they dont last. And the ones that do have a very lonely road.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mill Hill RGA Grand opening and visit

Im battered. Trained Friday – was good. Trained Saturday – was good. Trained Sunday for 4 hours -was awesome. Typically the better the training the more battered and sore I am. On Sunday I attended the grand opening of Mill Hill RGA’s new venue. Myself, Dan, Dave and Rich were representing our front. Loads of people were there, must of been atleast 60. Including black belts Roger Gracie and Nic G. Saw Roger Gracie in the toilets and decided not to shake his hand but did contemplate jumping him and putting on a RNC while he was at the urinal. Just so I could die a legend.

Even more awesome was running into some familiar faces, Lawrence venter from RGA Wimbledon; The Jones family; Mathew Benyon from martial farts; Semour yang from meerkatsu;Alex Hare; and of course Nick Brooks the instructer at Mill Hill.

Left to right: Alex, Seymour, Matt,myself,Darren Vitry

Tons of people were there so drilling was abit cramped but still learnt some good stuff. Focusing a on a flower sweep variation I dont know the proper name of. Gripping the trousers rather than underhooking the leg though, then going for the sweep, or armbar or switching the grip and going for triangle or omoplata!.

We then Sparred....for forever!. Me and Mathew had a tussle which was fun, I was able to dodge the triangles (just!!) but couldnt get to far in setting up much. Then sparred Lawrence which was also awesome, tried for some dodgy americana's from under side control as is my custom but couldnt finish it. Think he tapped me with a choke at some point. Sparred another big RGA blue belt guy Darren Vitry. He gave some great feedback which was really usefull!. Sparred Nick Brooks a whole buncha times! who is one of my favourite people in the world to spar for his feedback and style. I always learn a huge amount from this guy and its always fundemental basic stuff that is so vital. Me and Dale (Mill hill Orange belt - 6 golds in a row: if you meet him he will let you in on this little known secret) met again in a war, this time ending in abit of a stalemate with to be fair the points going to Dale. He has improved his control and tightness tremendously since our last encounter, if I dont step it up he will win round 4 soundly!. In summary I didnt tap anyone...but my defense was pretty good I thought.

Pre Carnage

Nick and Roger then handed out some belts! a few blues and stripes and a very notable purple to Daniel Strauss!, big congrats to him! purple at 18!

Me and my boys then stayed on the mat as we will carry on sparring/training till they kick us off. Nick Brooks shares our enthusiasm and pretty much gave us a private for an hour! Gave me alot to work on, which is a great feeling. POSTURE! HIP PRESSURE! GRIPS! TIMING!!

Had a fantastic time! one of my best visits so far.

Im in there I promise.

I had a case of camera envy so all the photos you can thank Semour Yang at Meerkatsu, Mathew Benyon at Martialfarts and Millhill RGA BJJ.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


I Have recently moved to Woking and do not have internet access yet, hence the lack of updates. Doing a pilgrimage visit to millhill tommorow for their grand opening, should be a blast been looking forward to it for a loooong time.

Training is going well. Been practising the no posture pass and getting some results with it, Andy helped alot in pointing out its weaknesses which gives me a better understanding of how to impliment it. Been doing abit better recently with a slight change in the way I approach sparring. Be as boring as possible!, if Im passing do not do anything untill Ive got posture even if I have to spend the whole time fighting for it. Or not trying any attacks untill Ive got good grips and broken them down etc etc. Fewer moves the better. Will see where it gets me, possibility of becoming to passive. But am enjoying it and has helped.

Will update after millhill.