Monday, 29 June 2015

I live!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated!
But due to special request I thought I would provide an update.
I had to stop BJJ when I was expecting my son to save some money.  Once he was born and we had some idea of finances I started training Judo again as I had some good clubs near me, its a 3rd of the price and would cross over with BJJ.  I did that for about 2 years, working my way up to brown belt (1st Kyu).  I really enjoyed Judo and made some good friends at Guildford Police Judo club and Dorking Judo club.  One of which was Stuart who has his own blog and does abit of BJJ.  I feel I could definitely go for my 1st Dan, just need to do a technical grading and then beat a few people up at competition.


I then moved to Worcester!, found a great Judo club but then also found a nearby BJJ club!.  I had been missing BJJ alot and I couldn’t make time to do both so I am back to BJJ at Checkmat (Trojan Freefighters) Worcester under Paul Severn.  I am still a blue belt but the Judo has helped me from deteriorating too much and has taught me a different skillset.  Judo guys have a fast groundgame and almost always prefer to be on top.  Plus the standup obviously.

I feel very comfortable now at blue, and am now able to give the higher belts abit of a harder time and keep myself safe when fighting giant barbarians.  Its been fun acclimatizing to new opponents with different styles to that Im used to.  As alot of them are MMA guys most of them aren’t used to being attacked with traditional gi chokes, which I love.  Downside is they are all leg lock crazy.  But everyone has a good attitude and injuries are rare so I am happy.

Working towards that purple, but may take a while as new clubs often want you to earn your place in the team first before being promoted.  Im in no hurry though.

Enjoying the Journey!