Monday, 18 August 2008

Extra Brighton stuff

Heres some extra stuff that Ive recently gathered. For more vids see : . Especially Ashley's he does incredibly well and gave me some good food for thought. Watching these videos has given me alot to think about. 3 times if not more I release pressure from north south and side control and my opponents gets to their knees and escapes. Really got to work on that, which is good. I like having something to focus on. Could be a good thing for the future to try get my fights recorded so I can analyse them after.


No semi yet, but that was alot less hectic. Got a better idea on the ins and outs of that fight.


If you have any comments, advice, critique, vague insults PLEASE post them!. I thrive on comments.

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Philpot Lane said...

Keep up the posts. Very entertaining.