Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The beginning

I have been training on and off in various arts since I was 7. I feel most comfortable in life when I am in training. I had not trained for some time since leaving university and my body was reaping the benefits. All cardio was lost, I couldnt run a mile and everyday I somehow rationalised it to myself. I wasnt "fat" I was within my BMI perimeters but I certainly wasnt fit. I include the picture of myself 8 months ago as evidence.

The problem was I didnt feel the drive to train at any of the available centres. Untill I spotted that a BJJ club was opening in guildford which I goto very often. I had heard all about BJJ on the net, watching MMA and talking to people who practised it. I was very motivated, I studied all the videos of techniques I could, downloaded the first UFC's with Royce Gracie, did everything I could to try and find out what I could expect. The thing that really appealed to me about BJJ was how it was made famous through a baptism of fire, pressure testing of the most dramatic kind.

So I organised myself and a friend to go down and train.

Andy Roberts the instructer was friendly, the room was small, the people looked mean. Andy didnt mind us training no gi which was great. We did some drills, it all looked pretty gay but it was fun. All the people in the room looked like they wouldnt put up with training shit that didnt work, they lended some sort of credit to the experience, I fed off it. Sparring time!. I left my training partner for unfamiliar territory.

I got choked, armlocked, sweeped, dominated and mauled. I later found out these guys only had a few months on me!. However my research was soon to pay off. Despite feeling like I was gonna throw up I thought I must be fairing better than my friend wearing jeans. I partnered up with a strong guy, was given a good position as default, and tried one of the cheaper looking subs I found in my prior research. The ezekiel choke, I tucked my fore arm under his neck and my other fore arm across it putting all my weight into crushing the larynxe. Success! I get a tap on my first lesson, even though it was cheap it felt good. I thank the judo gods I trained when I was young, grappling feels natural and fun.

Lesson over, I feel dead on my feet but overjoyed at finding a place to train that will suit my needs.

My friend does not however return.

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