Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Going good

I am a few months in now into my training and am addicted. I now sport a black eagle judo gi, I went for the judo gi as it was cheaper and easier for myself to justify cost wise. Its been a good buy as its also quite light, but I am the only guy in the club wearing it. Ive grown close to my training partners and enjoy seeing them. However my problem is Im only training once a week as I have to work late on the other training night. So I am learning slowly, I know its not enough to advance properly. And I can feel that those who are training twice a week are getting steadly better than me. However my constant online research of techniques and drunken grappling antics with friends is keeping me in contention. But I know it wont be enough. Already I have missed almost all the sessions where Andy has handed out stripes.

Hurrah! I get a new job and now have both days free (mostly), it makes a big impression on my rolling cardio and progression. The gap begins to close between myself and my training partners, I am subbing more and tapping less. My main problem is in keeping good position and keeping my head level. I keep on using spider guard, which I know I shouldnt be playing with. The problem is Im getting somewhat good results. Position before submission still has not hit home.

My confidence is building and now I am scouting to test my skills at a competition, my training partners are going for the Gracie invitational at SENI 08. I think I would get creamed and decide to look for a comp that isnt one of the biggest in the UK.

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