Wednesday, 18 March 2009

who do? ju do!

Everytime a competition starts to loom me and my training buddies always end up talking stand up. The focus this time was on James who was set on using seio nage:

Which can be an awesome throw... if your this guy:

I find this throw very hard to pull off in BJJ because of how low and stiff armed people are in comps, there are very few rules on defensive posturing compared to judo. I like to use my attributes so I naturally prefer throws where you need to get low. So I offered up Tai otoshi as a substitute (which kieran had shown me the week before):

We had a little stand up sparring session to try it all out, I really liked tai otoshi but my footwork sucks. Tomoe Nage is still magical, Kieran (again from the week before) showed me another sacrifice throw I had not seen but didnt catch the name of. Its very similar to tomoe nage but instead of foot in their stomach its in a butter fly hook position. Heres a favourite video of mine of some poor soul getting smashed over and over with various sacrifice throws:

Ive watched this vid quite a few times and Im still learning from it.

I think in the end he decided on an attacking single leg strategy. The next lesson I paired up with super serious new young kid, whose pretty good. The Brighton comp will be his first so we also worked some stand up stuff, pretty solid kid. He will win. IF he gets his game plan sorted. Gonna make an effort to help get him ready.

Another throw Ive gotten Andy and Kieran to show me a few times is Kata Guruma, mostly because I think it can work really well in combination with some other throws. And will bypass the stiff arm and sprawl defense.

But my footwork is still a little slow on this one. Gonna work on it.

To be abit more BJJ centric now, am loving the baseball bat choke. Andy showed us a really nice variation from side control Ive been successfull with. For those unfamiliar a normal baseball bat choke looks like this:

This is my current goto sub from knee on, very powerfull. Just make sure you put your head down to the correct side so that he cant spin to loosen the choke.

The variation Andy showed us meant we could do it from side, without knee on in sneaky fashion. In side control (his right side) you grip deepish into his right lapel with your left hand. Then you spin yourself over his head all the way to the opposite side while still keeping the grip. Make sure to keep a solid base with your weight on his chest. Get a deep grip with your right hand inside his left collar. Then spin/walk back to north south. Put your head down to your left side to stop him spinning out, squeeze and sprawl your weight if you need to, to finish the choke.


patrick said...

Another version of the Seoi Nage you could look into because you like getting low is the Seoi Otoshi or shoulder drop throw. In the tournaments here in Japan, most times one guy would try for the Seoi Nage, get some resistance, then immediately drop to their knees and complete the throw. It never fails.

Then again those guys are probably Judo black belts posing as jiu-jitsu white belts.

Jadon Ortlepp said...

After I made the post it got me thinking about throwing combo's. I like this seoi otoshi, shall ask my judo buddy more about it.

And damn those sneaky bastards. I think it might be fun to enter a judo comp though. BJ Penn styleee, if you have seen the vid of him in a judo comp as a white belt.