Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bottom of the barrel

So Im bottom of the barrel again, overweight, conditioning is down and am feeling rusty and out the zone. Fuckit, Im going to compete at Brighton (2 weeks). Want to know why!? this is why:

(first seen on Pesadelo's blog [link in sidebar]) Talking of Pesadelo his just opened his club so if your near him in Texas go train with him!.

Thats pretty inspiring I think, and a great attitude for BJJ.

As I see it theres two options, lets way them up:

Cant win it if your not in it. Going to gain experience and it will make me better, meet the new guys and some of the top dogs in my division. Even if I lose completely all that Ive lost is a little ego, which if anything is a good thing. And thats the worst case (accidents dont come into it).

Dont compete:
I gain nothing, except envy at those that did compete. Maybe I end up waiting till ive improved enough to have a solid shot at gold, but all ive done is waste time. I could lose 2 comps in half the time and end up being twice as good.

And Im gonna kick ass anyway. I weigh 69.9 with my lightest gi, abit to close for my liking. Went for a run today, bit to slow but i still finished with a sprint. Going to do get a upper body calisthenics routine going as well. Push ups, pull ups, hand stand push ups, cat dips etc. Weight wise ill do my old routine of rotating 20kg around my head, sledge hammer, etc. When Im at the club ill go early and do as much as I can of Randy's workout, maybe some kettle bell stuff as well.

My folks recently got a wii fit and I gotta say that hula hooping really takes it out of you, Im convinced its a great core exercise so Ive been doing it. Heres some extra incentive if you doubt me:

Heres something that really made me laugh, such a great ad for BJJ allround:

Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Commercial


Badshah said...

Might see you at the Grab & Pull Old chap. My brother may be in your cat, all the best.

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Yeah man Ill try find you. Your bro got his blue? awesome if he did, deserves it.

Badshah said...

My bro's on 4 stripes now, doesn't seem like anyone from Mataleon will be coming to the Grab & Pull.

But a good turn out from us for this is due