Friday, 27 March 2009

Sparring and the best knockout in the world

Did some early morning training at the club with a few of the guys. Andy and Mike were doing some padwork so me and Lee decided to do some rolling as a warm up. Rolling without a warm up gasses you VERY fast and doesnt feel nice, but it does warm you up in a less monotonous way. Lee is a solid white belt (won silver at europeans) and is just under 90kg, his a fireman though so his also hench. Not that Im making excuses or anything... :P . but yeah I got pounded abit. I got plenty of sub attempts and good position but couldnt hold it or finish it. Mostly armbars from bottom that he then defended well and with his strength made it feel impossible. But even things like RNC's I found alot of trouble. I need to get my subs to be alot more ruthless, Im always trying to find a nice easy gap that sometimes just isnt their with the more experienced guys. Highlight for me was nailing a flying guillotine and escaping side with an americana from bottom (that I kicked myself for not being able to finish). Lowlight was nearly getting aikido wristlocked from within my guard!. Was great to work the no gi though and Lee has really got tighter on everything.

So next we put on the gi's and did a winner stays bout. Me and Mike first, really good fun. I went for the same armbar 3 times and only landed it on the third, need to break their defenses down abit more getting abit to excited to quickly. Then Lee came on and we went for abit but I tapped a few mins in. Then Andy came on......and didnt get off obviously :P. He would let us get good position before properly defending, which was fun but annoying at how loose I felt. High light was landing that wheel throw off the single leg ( I think andy let me for kicks though). Low light was going for a flying guillotine on Andy and getting chucked on my ass.

Me and mike then drilled abit, mostly on an omoplata escape as a few minutes prior Andy nailed me with one but I didnt want to roll so I turned towards his head. Which has worked for me in the past, but in this case it just trapped my arm and gave him a RNC on a platter.

Good fun though and has got me feeling great. Because now I can focus on improving again, after my trip I had forgotten everything I was working on tweeking. Fitness is coming back fast, should be ready for Brighton.

Now for some interesting videos!

BJJ school gets its windows broken tons and setup a stake out...

The best knockout in the history of the world!

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