Friday, 6 March 2009

Pictures from zambia!

Have arrived back in the UK so here are some of the pictures I promised. Ive got 200 odd so Ill try pick the most relavent/interesting

Toughest Looking baby ever, and his name is junior!. His gonna be massive.

Freddie! - likes biting ankles.

Flowers for me!?

Poser monkey shows his good side.

Teaching some english, to my older class. Loved this classroom.

Posing at the falls, post drenching. The falls kick up a bunch of water like 100 metres up so its like ever lasting rain in some of the places.

Before we decided to move onto the soft grass and carpet... . Why are you hitting yourself lewis? why lewis why!?

Black Mamba gives me the beady eye.

Some of my english class :D

Girrafe and mini giraffe have a falling out.

Younger BJJ class rolling around.

Victoria falls!

Bridge to zimbabwe, from the bottom of the falls, boiling point.

Bummed couldnt go white water rafting. Looked awesome.

Once you take the first shot you have 10 seconds till your mobbed with "and me, and me!"

Younger boys BJJ. Maybe the first in zambia?

One of my fave pics, looks like she is taking the pic!

Rude cat ruins picture.

Older boys, my first BJJ students. 3rd guy is taking the pic.

They were very fond of armbars, their fave after RNC.

Posing at the falls, pre drenching.

Blue nun > blue belt.


Anonymous said...

amazing pics jadon you look like you had a wicked time!! and spreading the bjj word.... so your back in the uk now then?
matt :)

Jadon Ortlepp said...

I am indeed, test ran the new belt today. Really good lesson taken by Kieran as well, gonna do a write of it soon.

Caleb said...

Wow! What a cool trip! I once spent some time teaching English abroad but it looks like you're able to mix in BJJ with your trip, so I have to say your experience is much cooler!