Monday, 9 March 2009

Am back!

So arrived back in the UK after another good flight. Soon after arriving I pickup a sore throat though. I goto training on friday, Kieran and James are taking the beginner class as Andy's away. Kieran takes the next class which is my first as a blue. Been looking forward to a lesson from Kieran for a while as his a really good judo guy. He doesnt dissapoint and I learn some new stuff including some throws I had forgotten about. Will find some vids in my next post.

Had a spar with 2 guys, first one went really well and I felt comfortable offensively using butterfly guard on reaction. 2nd one was against James (aka spider noodles), which went suprisingly well. Passing guard felt very good and I was just a tiny bit to eager for the choke, didnt take my time. I got nailed with a bow and arrow choke in the end but I felt good for 6 weeks away.

Next session I felt damn rusty though, I was in socks to protect some infected mosquito bite wounds I had which made things a little annoying. Lots of new faces! some new big guys to soul crush as well. We even have a new super human polish guy, which is the only sort you find in BJJ it seems. We were just doing some position sparring but I lost it or they stood up a few times. Feel a little bit of pressure on the belt but I its less than I thought and that will go soon I reckon.

However their is the brighton grab and pull again this year, I won my division last year so would be awesome to win again at blue. But I wanna get myself back to form, dont want to give myself any excuses. Need to just get out their though.

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