Monday, 18 January 2010

Now thats more like it

Finally got in a good solid week of training, around 7.5 hours including a private I had with Andy. Felt quite achey at the end of it but felt it was definitely a good start to 2010.

Private wise I didnt cover anything really specific just some niggling things:
  • Keeping them flat on their back when passing (turns out this was alot more important than I gave it credit for).
  • A tighter omoplata sweep ( I was getting the sweep but not keeping the position).
  • Knee on pressure (Break the habit of planting the foot on the ground)
  • Side control shrimping towards opponent (Ive been going the other way and its been working but it wont in the future.)
  • A bjj version of Baz Lurhmans "wear sunscreen", its gonna be awesome.
With a few rolls inbetween for good measure. I put this into practise following the next sessions and even though quite small adjustments to stuff I was already doing it made a considerable difference I felt. Especially the first one, I felt I was limiting their ability to move considerably.

I got raped in the no gi class, by pretty much everyone. My no gi really does suck. Was good to see Ryan back as I love our mad scramble fests, high lights were him getting a scissor takedown. Then trying it again where I imagined to jump and sit on on him like a balance ball. Then he got me in a banana split/crotch ripper. It was an hour and a half of pure sparring pretty much from many positions.

The no gi class did help teach me a good lesson about wrestling though, as Ive been very complacent with just turtling and moving from there, but as people have improved that shit just doesnt fly anymore. Way to much effort now. So my new strategy was to stay on top and give them impression I wasnt gonna pull guard, once I stuff their attempts to get on top most people seem to switch to a bottom game (path of least resistance I guess). I should add that some people have the EXACT same idea...and are better wrestlers than me. Ive been using alot of guard recently so getting back to a proactive passing style felt good.

Future thoughts are on more passing and sweeps. Got alot more to write about but Im gonna split it into a few posts.


A.D. McClish said...

Sounds like a solid week of training. I'm a little jealous! Been sick and haven't been able to train much. Keep up the good work!! :)

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Unfortuantly its to rare nowdays, most weeks will be 3-4.5 hours. But its a long road!

Stuart said...

Hey Jadon are you ever gonna start blogging again?

Zhang Zhen said...

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