Sunday, 3 January 2010

Injuries and brazilian jiu jitsu

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a martial art that practises full resistance training with a strong emphasis on competitions, with a great deal of focus on how to render someone unconscious or broken. So injuries will inevitably happen. Control and a relaxed manner are advocated as well which makes it as safe as it is possible whilst still training with full resistance i.e someone trying to stop you and submit you with all their ability.

Recently Ive heard and seen a couple of injuries. Almost all are freak accidents, like this recent one in new Zealand where young guy had a serious injury to the neck, where some of his vertebrae were broken whilst being stacked. One of our very own guys at the club had a freak injury as well where he landed badly on his head during a throw, he has had an operation and last I heard was doing well. So hopefully he will be back on the mats soon, so send Matt Jackson your positive vibes. Get well soon big guy.

Ive been lucky and have never suffered a broken bone or serious injury, closest was in kent where my elbow made some rice krispy noises but no lasting damage. Ive been choked out a few times and that was kinda fun and was alot more enjoyable than you would think...

So what can you do to help prevent injury?

  • Train with people you trust, if you are brand new then typically the higher grades should have more control and be relaxed.
  • Be relaxed and controlled yourself, if you spaz out they might think thats a go ahead to spaz out to.
  • TAP, if you cant defend or escape TAP, dont wait for the pain or to be pushed to the limit. Even if nothing breaks that damage will add up if its often enough. TAP, snap or nap as the saying goes.
  • Be aware, sometimes legs,arms and fingers get tangled if you roll the wrong way something could pop. And there is often other people rolling right next to you who you might not notice.
  • Sit without leaning back on straight arms, if someone rolls into the back of them it will hurt.
  • Be a good training partner if you injure your training partners no one will want to train with you, no slams! dont knee them in the face! dont sandpaper their face! dont crank subs on. Control at all times.
  • Hygiene be clean! I dont want your staph, MRSA or ringworm. Cut your fingernails and toe nails!

If you have a serious injury obviously listen to your doctor if its just a sore joint or muscle then theres a couple of things you can do:

  • R.I.C.E - Rest, Ice, compression, Elevation. It helps alot.
  • Take care of yourself, try not to over train. Take your vitamins, some people advocate fish oils and glucosamine for joints. Make sure you sleep right and eat right.
The most common injuries Ive seen are mostly elbow and knee related. Especially knee's as they can often put you out and can happen very suddenly, just the slight wrong angle and to much pressure at the wrong time can lead to something giving it seems. What Ive also seen alot is people coming back to early and training to hard on the injury. Be very carefull and let your partners know, as you are running the risk of putting yourself out for even longer.

Like I said before accidents do happen but they arnt that often if you train with good people and do it right.