Thursday, 28 January 2010

Jiu jitsu brotherhood wisdom

"To maximize your potential as a jiu-jitsoka, it’s not enough to just head to class every day and go through the motions. You need to approach your training from several angles.

I have a particular system which has worked for my students and I. It’s called the A.C.T. Model. This stands for Attribute Maximization, Conceptual Understanding, Technical Knowledge. This article will provide a general overview of this model. " -

Very interesting concept from Nicolas Gregoriades who has just stuck it up on his website: Jiu jitsu brotherhood (goto the link to read the whole article) . Ive mentioned Nic on here before and I quite like his cerebral approach to the complex problem of grappling. I think Ill hit him up for a private lesson one day just to get a better insight into his way of thinking,which may or may not be for me. I tend to think quite alot about BJJ and Ive often found it as much as a hinderence as an advantage.

Matt Benyon over at Martial farts has been churning up some super awesome hyper mega material that makes me want to headbut a horse with creative jealousy. Go there, buy his shit and support him so I can be regularly entertained and inspired.

Havnt been able to train as much as Id like due to Woking (where I live) roadworks which add another 20 mins onto my journey and make me late for my train. I dont want to ride there on the motorcycle because itll end up being a one way ticket to a private with helio. Its getting lighter though so perhaps soon.


A.D. McClish said...

Great article! Thanks for the post!

Meerkatsu said...

Yeah I like the way Nic G writes, very thoughtful. His animal workout video is still the best bit of training footage for BJJ I have ever seen (and utilised).
He's defo on my top five list of guys I want to hit with a private or seminar some point soon.
Who knows, he might pop in to Mill Hill when he gets back from SA.

slideyfoot said...

Nic was definitely one of my favourite instructors when I was at RGA HQ, along with Jude and Marcio.

Still, I've never been too keen on the "strength is important! Get beefier!" thing (though it's undeniable that strength makes a massive difference), but that's probably my own laziness coming into play. ;p

Matt said...

Thanks for the mention! Went over all the stuff in Nic's blog, great stuff!

Stuart said...

Have been following you blog since the start and you have inspired me to start my own Judo Blog

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Wow thats like the best compliment that can be given to a blogger!. Thanks, you have inspired me to keep on posting!

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