Monday, 12 January 2009

My check list

Im always trying to improve my weak points and refine my strong points but I always do it with a mental checklist, which can sometimes be forgotten in the heat of the moment. So I wanted to put something more concrete down. I keep on working on the different parts of the list till I get them to a level that matches my strengths, thus making a new strength :D. Some parts of the list are more high priority than others. Some might only need a day to work on, others months. For example I have only just got my half guard to a level where I see it as a strength after working on it specifically for around 2 months. But after developing some issues in my passing game it only took a week or so (including a private) to take it to new highs.

Decided to make a concrete physical list after reading a feature on A-game camping at

So essentially this list functions by myself making a commitment to using and practising these techniques rather than my A-game. My A-game will still get practise regardless as some tough guys will give me no other option. Practising stuff on the list will without a doubt lead me to getting tapped and dominated more, but it also without a doubt make me a better grappler. Gotta think of the big picture!. Kick the ego to the curb.

The stars indicate priority. Have also added time expected to take to get them to the level I want. Depending on how things go this could take longer or shorter than expected.

The list as of today:
  • Taking the back from guard, half guard and top positions. **** (2 month+)
  • Achilles lock and knee bar setups.** (under a month)
  • Maintaining knee on belly.* (month+)
  • Specific pressure on the diaphragm.*** (under a week)
  • Omoplata's.*** (under a month)
Ill try give status updates as they come up regarding this list. Like I said earlier some may take days and others months. Im already pulling off a few Achilles locks but I want to make my setups more subtle, same with the knee bar. Taking the back is something I dont find myself doing enough of but have recently started playing around with armdrags and getting there from half guard. I really want to get this to be a major staple of my A-game. I want to be able to maintain knee on belly and crush my opponents soul rather than be forced to transition. Diaphragm pressure is also something Ive been recently specifically targeting, so just need to be automatic in the position of my pressure. Omoplata's I think are great as can lead to other subs, sweeps and transitions to top. Not to mention the actual omoplata finish.

Recently stumbled upon Roy Deans articleson being a Uchideshi for a year. Which is a live in student essentially.

Roy Dean began training in martial arts at the age of 16 when he moved to Japan as an exchange student. While there he received his shodan (first degree black belt) in Kodokan Judo.

At age 19 he began training in Aikikai Aikido under Kalvin Koshiyama, eventually serving as uchideshi (live in student) under Julio Toribio. By age 24, he had received his shodan in Aikikai Aikido, and Enshin Itto-Ryu Batto Jutsu (Iaido), as well as a sandan (third degree blackbelt) in Seibukan Jujutsu.

Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu began under Claudio Franca in 1997, where he received his blue belt. In 2000 he began training under Mr. Roy Harris in San Diego and was promoted to purple belt in 2002, brown belt in 2004, and the prestigious black belt in 2006.

So some genuinely very interesting stuff, not to mention the real life stories contained in the articles.

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