Saturday, 3 January 2009

Armbars in the new year!

Happy new year!

Due to not being able to train over the christmass holidays and perhaps partly due to some small amount of alcohol new years eve. I ended up wrestling about with my friends and brother, who were all convinced of their striking superiority versus jiu jitsu (and their superior size). I kept my brother close so he couldnt slap me around in my guard and then quickly rolled into an omoplata which I finished. At this point I realised I should probaly tell them to be sensible and tap.

Tom who is nearly a foot taller than me and weighs probaly just under 100kg's was next. The last little roll we had was when I had just started BJJ and Tom choked me unconscious (I didnt tap). Tom was allowed strikes this time, and was very wary. He went for a soft punch to the head, I shrimped out the way and grabbed his tricep and swung my hips up for an armbar. I put it on but he immediately went to work on pulling it out. So I converted it to a triangle, but he postured up so I returned it to an armbar. This time I didnt want him to escape so I put it on abit harder (more than I should have). His arm made 3 very loud clicks and I let go, despite not tapping. Luckily no real damage, but I felt bad about the lack of control. It was also at this point we realised that the little competition favoured me heavily. As I can go full out balls to the wall, but they didnt really want to knock me out or cut me. Did have a very small cut from my lip catching my teeth from one of Toms knocks. At one point he did have me open for a big hit but without actually doing it, I claimed it as a moot point. With training I think Tom would be a natural.

Adam was convinced he could hit me whilst I had him in an armbar, and that punching me in the head would make it to painfull for me to break his arm. I very passionately argued that this would not be the case. He then tried to show me his armbar defense which was essentially stacking me and punching me with the other hand. I tried to explain that you HAD to get your arm safe as a priority. And showed him my defense. He tried his and I just rolled into a belly down armbar. I then showed him how to do an armbar to show it from the bottom guys point of view. I then defended correctly, he scrambled and I took his back and put on a RNC. At this point I decided not to wait for the taps as stubborness was gonna cause more injuries.

I would of prefered just going for sweeps but there was not enough room in my lounge. Another interesting point I noticed was how they never sought to pass my legs, thinking them unimporant. I wish there was a way of quantifying cognitive grappling ability (without competition).

Is it possible I got the first tap of 2009!? Fingers crossed.

Here are my new year resolutions for Jiu jitsu:
  • To annihilate all traces of ego that are creeping into my game.
  • Medal at atleast 3 big comps
  • Tell someone something that really helps their own jiu jitsu game
  • Develop an unbreakable will
  • Start doing yoga consistently

This is actually the first half of 2 posts as Im trying to cut down on the giant walls of text.

Heres to what the new year brings!

I dont think his technique is quite right though...heres my improved version:


badshah said...

The living room wars. What great fun. I clamped on a triangle on one of my mates after he decided to bear hug me from behind without notice this weekend. I held on for the extra few secounds after he tapped to make a point. He had a good 30kg on me.

BJJ FTW @ living room wars


Bad @

Philpot Lane said...

Ease off from the armbars. You're leaving a trail of destruction in your wake!

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Lol triangle from bearhug!? gonna have to show me that one.

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