Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back on the mats!

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday lessons both dealt with open guard and quite abit of sparring.

Tuesday focused on the bull fighter pass, where you hold their knee's and pin them together and then pass round the side. Then a variation where you triangles your legs around theirs to secure mount. The counter I really loved though. Before they pin you securely you sit up and grab their tricep, you then pull as you shrimp to the side so they land in your open half guard. But you carry on pulling yourself up with the momentum and take their back. Used it a few times already in sparring and worked a treat. I just need to work on securing the back position with the other hook so they can just turn into me and end up in my guard.

Sparring was good but I was getting very preoccupied with my performance and worrying about how well I was doing. Which meant I ended up with sub par performance, maybe it was because it was the 1st lesson back from Christmas. But I felt sluggish and not as freewheeling as I normally am. Got triangled again... . On a plus a pulled off 2 omoplata setups using an overhook collar grip, my opponent just snuck out though while I was putting it on. More control needed!

Friday's was more open guard and lots of sparring. Writing this I think I was not enjoying myself, Im gonna relax alot more and forget about trying to always put in a good performance. Technique wise we did the open guard tripod sweep.

In the event they counter by stepping their foot back, you switch grips and grip their other foot. You then use your foot thats on their thigh to sweep the other leg in a scissor motion. Coming up with momentum.

Sparring did not go well. Was getting abit stressed at the silly mistakes I was making, more triangles!. I even got submitted in my guard! the one thing I tell everyone not to do and I get done in by one. He was a big guy but thats no excuse, his hand shouldn't of got that deep and I should of not let him pin me flat on my back. Should of been an easy armbar. Did have a good roll with one of the guys though, where sweeps were coming off well and I felt dominant. Still giving up to much room though.

Saturday we kept the open guard theme going lesson was more sparring and conditioning orientated as we build up to the euro's. Using the shark tank technique where you get a fresh partner every 2 minutes for 6 minutes. Then after that you form part of the rotation for your partners. Got triangled even more!, found myself uncharacteristically frustrated and angry at myself. Plus side was a I managed some good passes, transitions and a Achilles lock. Still need to work on my control from dominant position though, am getting side and mount often enough but am losing it to easily. My heart was down and my will broken as I sparred some more, but I was having to think to much. Taking to much time for simple moves that are normally instinct. Oddly enough my half guard sweep has never once let me down in this period, and the sit up sweep is making a strong come back.

Cant find an adequate video of my half guard sweep so Ill describe it. Cant remember if it was shown to me or if I just found it by accident. Pretty sure its a classic normal sweep though, just dont know the name of it. Get the underhook and crouch down as normal. My right leg is crossed over the trap legs knee joint, with my left leg crossing over my right legs ankle. My right hand is on their knee or on their thigh. I roll towards my right abit more, scooting my ass out a little. They normally post on their right side despite the sweep not being very threatening. I then suddenly roll to my left to end up on top. Their right arm is normally around me head blocking taking their back is often not at a good angle to post in order to stop the sweep. If they do post then just roll to the other side with your added momentum.

Found this great highlight vid I want you guys to check out. Its an MMA best of 08 highlight. One of the best highlight vids I have ever seen.

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