Thursday, 2 October 2008

Brand new digs, new moves and preparation

Been a lil while since my last update, missed some training due to work and other commitments. Was abit worried about my performance taking a drop. But you gotta just jump back on these things.

Rolling felt great, the little break actually seemed to benefit me. I feel so relaxed that I never get tired and my recovery time is good. Had a great roll with Ryan, no gi was feeling better and I was defending well. Most spars with ryan I get stuck just defending, but I managed to attack this time as well. Guillotine, kimura's and arm triangles. Couldnt finish him though so we ended up stalemating. I need to learn to keep back control better though, to many people ending up back in my guard.

We covered some solid basics in class and I went with a new guy and helped him through it, giving him tips where needed. I need to talk less.

Next session.


The day has finally arrived, Andy and the guys put in an ass load of work to tranform the place from this:

To this:

To summarise:

  • 1000sqft
  • matted area with matted walls
  • Changing facilities
  • Toilets
  • Filtered water fountain
  • Power rack
    Free weights
  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Kettlebells
  • Rope
  • Lucozade Sport Machine
  • Equipment Shop - Gi's, kneepads, shorts etc etc
  • Strength and Conditioning coach (PTI Royal Marines, Judo Black Belt, BJJ Blue Belt)
  • Judo Coach - 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • Thai Coach
So the Andy Roberts Academy is looking good. The first lesson was busy!, everyone turned up plus some new guys. So around the 40 mark. However despite knocking into people on occasion, wasnt to much of a problem. Most lessons will be around 30 people so plenty of room. A few things in the other rooms are still being worked on, once they are done we are gonna have a open day and get lots of people down. Have a seminar and have a good time.

During the lesson we covered a very nice alternative arm triangle from on top. Holding side control, your put your arm over their head and slide it under their neck. The arm closest to your body must be inbetween your body and there neck, not floating about. You then work your other arm to your hadn under there neck and clasp it. Put your head on the same side of their body as your body. Work your body round so you are straight onto them while squeezing a tad. Comes on a treat. Everything must be tight though.

Warming up with Kimura's!

Also worked on setting up the triangle from mount, which really improved my existing thoughts on it. Head control, hooking the leg underneath and arm control. Pulled it off during sparring which is always a good sign. Sparred Terry whose defense is really improving, but Im quite unrelenting with him as he can be sneaky. No longer catching him in armbars or ezekiels, really having to work for the subs.

Also sparred a new guy, talked to him abit on keeping tight and working his game. Illustrated this by passing his guard a few times. He was flinging on triangles without the control. But he made some progress, was very relaxed and a great attitude.

Finished up with some sparring, a warm down and then Andy giving out some presents to the guys who helped him do the place up. Well deserved.

Warming down or dancing to "thriller", you decide.

Me and all the boys listining to Andy telling us for the 5th time not to walk around barefoot. We have shoe cubby holes now!

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