Thursday, 18 September 2008

Death rolls and link madness

Tuesday was Ollies final lesson before Andy returned and he made it a good un. He ran into issues getting to the hall, and we ran into issues finding where half our mats disappeared to. Caretaker revenge for running over?. But we got them in the end and we got going with our normal warm up. We then got extra warm with some guard passing sparring. I decided I was going to specially focus on guard passing today as I feel my approach is abit 1 dimensional (give arm, defend armbar, pass). So every time I won a match, rather than get someone in my guard I offered to swap positions with them. No one turned me down, I had some trouble working things out. But towards the end it really felt like I had made an improvement, I was still having trouble breaking open the legs but I was diving my hands under (keeping myself protected), stacking and passing.

Ollie arrives and we are pretty warm, so we jump right into technique. Its another scorcher! Anaconda choke!. I know the name, I knew roughly what it was and had seen some of it but never knew how to do it. It is essentially an arm triangle setup from on top of north south turtle and then you roll underneath them and squeeze it on. Very tight. It looked quite technical but was a very cool looking move which felt very strong, also gave me some good ideas for no gi (which I really want to improve).

Not a great vid, but it shows the main points. I never had to go all the way round to hook their legs, but if they really dont wanna tap that will do the trick.

Next up was a similar variation, Darce/Brabo choke. Similar arm triangle mechanics but using a different arm and without rolling underneath them. Also nice and strong.

I dont like using Sub 101 vids, as sometimes there demo's look abit iffy. But this one isnt to bad.

Third technique was abit dodgy, in the sense that if you pulled it off you were awesome. If not you looked abit of a pillock. The grounded version of a flying triangle. Still pretty good though, very sneaky. Was essentially the anaconda choke combined with the darce choke and all in one motion... . Hard to describe and not sure on the name for the vid. So for now itll have to be my secret weapon :P .

So we drilled all of these trying to get it right, quite easy to mess up but is abit of a BJJ version of the karate kid crane kick " If done defense".

Onto sparring!.

I was feeling abit odd after repeatedly having my oxygen supply to my brain disrupted. I felt as if my "tired meter" wasnt working, I wasnt getting any more tired, at all. So went against my mate and managed to get the grips I wanted, and I realised the anaconda choke was screaming at me. So got my hands clasped, got the arm triangle, rolled, squeeze, tap, awesome. Now Im in love with this technique. So we go again. Boom boom boom got it again, awesome sauce (new catchphrase I'm trialling). Tried going for the crazy roll one but he was onto me now, and got a good top position.

Fought a few people and felt good, guard passing felt alright as well. Went for an armbar on a mate and he rolled to get out of it, I rolled to keep it on we ended up rolling 4-5 times now before I had to abandon it and go for a triangle which he defended so I went to an omoplata which I couldn't control so ended up in mount.

This was a long session...

Fought ollie and got some ok position, then lost it then defended my ass off for a few minutes as he went from sub to sub. I ran out of back peddle. He got me in the alternative crazy side control, he went for the choke/larynxe crush. I could see it coming "Ah! I know this one I squeal" as I spaz in true white belt style. Bang and the dirt is gone, and so is my oxygen. I tap fast. " Just because you know the technique doesnt mean you can always defend it, otherwise blackbelt fights would be pointless" remarks Ollie. Man.....thats deep.

I go and fight some others, pulling off a lil bit of everything. One of my mates escapes a full on kimura which was cool to see. I didnt keep pressure with my legs so he was able to roll out of it, and then escaped the americana I tried after as well.

Its rolled on 2 hours and theres a few of us left still sparring. I feel fresh and happy. I get another crack at Ollie, this time no gi. He plays open guard and I do my normal thing as side control screams at me. I get it but I dont feel like Ive helped myself any, as his knees get working to upset my base. The sparring is alot faster than before and I keep trying for mount but never quite get both feet over. I get dragged to half guard and am arm triangled. This happens a few times almost exactly the same except sometimes I cant get both hooks in for back control, or I get rear naked choked. I tried for the anaconda a few times but went for it before I properly had everything right and he could defend and escape.

My defense felt good and I felt I could fight while being relaxed (hence why I felt fresh), despite getting my ass handed to me 5 or 6 times ( we probably rolled for 15/20 mins). All in all it was a positive experience, I managed to defend a few things and I noticed some interesting holes in my game and had some errors pointed out as well. This is always great as it then allows me to focus on those aspects which nearly always results in improvement.

2.5 hours this session, woooooooooboy. Im bruised to buggery.

Am thinking about going to the Hereford comp, Matt is up for it as well. But I cant train this friday, or tuesday, so that leaves one session to prepare. And its no gi... so gotta think on that one.

Great great session from Ollie, learnt alot and have a ton to think on and to hone.

Decided to give you guys some handy links that I enjoy using and have some good resources. Hope you will find them usefull. - Very good MMA vid site, updates regularly.

Slideyfoots great BJJ club map of the UK - Interesting, usefull and funny forum that is critical. Very good resources to be found here. - Very usefull forum for grappling in the UK and europe, especially if you want to know about upcoming comps - Where I get most of my technique vids, free but you have to register. - Amazing BJJ travel stories and history. Well worth reading. - Best supplement supplier in the UK I reckon, for price and quality. - Another good forum, nice guys here and some good vids. - Very usefull for looking at your diet and tracking it in good, easy to use detail.

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