Sunday, 12 October 2008

Alcohol cures my BJJ woes?!

Instead of training friday night I went out drinking with my buddies as I hadnt seen them for a while and there were some last minute plan changes. So did that, got drunk, came home. Went to training saturday morning feeling pretty hung over but my stomach felt stable. In the warm up we were rolling and shrimping down the mat. Which really got me dizzy, dizzy enough I had to cling to the wall whilst walking back to do it again. We also did some full throwing drilling which was really good, my breakfalls are rubbish. Forgot how hard even a soft throw can feel.

So at this point Im feeling a lil more tired than usual but coping. We do some more drilling focusing on pulling guard, sitting into open guard etc. Saturday sessions are more focused on competition so we had a Q & A session with Andy as well.

After this we did some positional sparring (from side control, mount and guard). And this is where things got more interesting. I was feeling a lil dehydrated and everything seemed very blurry. Almost like tunnel vision but less extreme and very fuzzy. I can only assume because of the alcohol and the sweating I was running pretty low on sugar, salts, water etc.

But there was a plus side! - I felt very relaxed and calm, I felt I could weasel myself anywhere. My mind was muddled so I had no internal dialogue, no analysing or planning. I just felt everything in the moment. So not only did I do well but I was pulling off things Ive never tried or been shown before. Like taking someones back from UNDERNEATH side control. Or passing from inside guard to someones back. The sit up sweep came back with a vengeance as I was abit more subtle with it. Pendelum sweep also felt abit more natural.

I did get subbed by a very good gi choke mind you, very nicely setup by pinning my arm so I couldnt defend it. So we rolled again and I went to repay the favour and gi choke him. This guy is strong as hell and a good 20kg's heavier, annoyingly he is also fairly cunning. While I was trying to choke him he said "wow check out that blister on the guys foot". So I tried to look, half forgetting I wasnt wearing my glasses and wouldnt be able to tell if the guy even had toes. Then I realised he was distracting me while he made his escape!. Luckily for me he left an arm behind and I managed (just) to pull off the armbar.

I also noticed I still need to be a lil more aware when holding side control, couple of times I fell into peoples halfguard from them scooting their legs around.

Session finished but I had ages till my train so I didnt get out of me gi, and had a rest. My strong friend wanted to spar some more because he came late to the session but I was really dead now. I could barely do the warm down and I felt very dizzy. I finished my water and bought some lucazade. Also had an apple. 20 minutes later and I was feeling good. My friend was sparring with another training partner which seemed to go on forever. Andy was teaching a private and asked me over to spar with the guy (my friend Terry who I had been paired with during the session before). He wanted to look at things whilst we sparred and to work on any issues that came up, while giving coaching as well.

There are few things more annoying in jiu jitsu than your opponent being given good advice that he follows whilst rolling. Its like fighting two people!. But it was fun and good, I feel guilty that I actually learnt a fair bit from it and it was Terry's private. During our rolls he managed to get back to his knee's several times from under my side control. Using a really simple set of movements. His pressure was better and tighter, he also came incredibly close to finishing me off with a guillotine. Baring in mind Terry had now been training for well over 3 hours, he did really really well. The difference from merely an hour ago was definitely noticable, which has resolved my conflicting ideas on how worthwhile privates are. Terry is another asset to the club, a JKD instructer as well I always learn something from my conversations with him. When we spar, I cant pass his hands. I can pass his legs, I can get good position and get submissions but I cannot for the life of me pass his hands. If I want to grab his elbow, get an underhook, grab a wrist then I need to think of a new plan. Because his hands just fend everything off like Im attacking him in over telegraphed A-team style punches. His also escaping alot of my armbar attempts by straightning his body to line up with mine and then rolling, till the angles safe.

The session before this one Mick (a Muay thai trainer) and Terry were talking about low leg kicks. Mick volunteered me as a dummy and very slowly placed a few on my thigh. Despite this very slow kicking it still hurt, his shins were like lead and he was spot on in hitting his target. Then Terry showed his kick, then Mick showed his. This went on for 2 minutes, at the end I was one knee on the ground, pleading for mercy. Hopefully if Mick does a class at our new centre Ill be able to attend, my first love will always be grappling but striking is fun to and opens things up to trying MMA. After the Saturday session and extra rolling I helped Andy and co put up the big sign for our club. Was quite a fun afternoon as the weather was great and the banter flowing.

The Kent open is approaching fast!, I plan to register today. I hope I still get one of the free shirts, I wanna start a comp shirt collection. Saturdays session really rebuilt my confidence and made me feel good about my progress. We have quite a few guys entering now, we are gonna bring back alot of medals. I am completely convinced of this. I think Ill do good, good chance of winning I feel. Hope to fight a team mate in the final.

One more thing:

Anyone got a sewing machine?

Cause Im ripped! *flexes*

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