Monday, 21 December 2009

Catch up.

Trainings going well, been paying attention to my reactionary thoughts while grappling. I used to notice an "arg to much effort" feeling when I was in someones closed guard. Now I notice a much more positive feeling of "you better do something special bucko because Im gonna pass, and Im gonna crush your soul while doing it". Obviously it doesnt always turn out that way but I certainly wouldnt be to annoyed if someone jumped guard on me now. Bottom game is feeling better as well, spending abit to much time under half guard and very little open guard. In my next private Ive chalked up "improve closed guard". Typically on bottom I find myself transitioning between full guard, half guard ( with preference to deep or long half guard), turtle and x guard. Plenty of kimura's Im spotting at the moment, the basic setup being a small explosive movement to get them to base with a hand, and then snatching that up for the kimura when they do.

Underneath side control Im still continueing to attack from with a combo of reverse triangles, kimura's and sweeps. With my favourite being a kind of bottom crucifix position where I have trapped one of their arms between my legs. Severly limits their ability to transition or attack and opens up some interesting options depending on their response.

Big congrats to our James Hardy (I used to call him spider noodles for the long time readers)who got gold in his division at the Abu Dhabi UK trials just gone, one of my favourite sparring partners who has a great approach to the game and is definitely one of our best. Also big congrats to Daniel Agard who I met a while ago on my travels, who won the absolute!. Young lad to, cant wait to see what he accomplishes.

Heres some cool stuff Ive seen since my last post:

True and funny!

Jacare vs Matt Lindland available on

Not bad Jeff :)