Sunday, 2 August 2009

MMA Dartford

Just returned from Dartford MMA. Good buddy Terry Valler drove me down. Terry had been to this club a while ago so it was nice having someone who could introduce me.Dave the instructer got stuck in traffic so unfortuantly couldnt make it. Fresh purple belt Gary took the class, which was very good. Technique wise it was uchimata (inner thigh throw). Uchimata to knee on to armbar. Armbar backwards roll escape if only 1 leg. Armbar stack escape if they have both. I always have trouble with uchimata, more so than any other throw I would say.

Then sparring!Sparred my drill partner who was quite a young kid but has plenty of promise. He opted for the headlock whilst I opted to playing on my back. At one point he got some good pressure when I had half guard. Also defended well when I had him in mount. Mounted triangle however proved to sneaky for him.

As is my custom I asked Gary for a role. Was very relaxed and he was keeping an eye out over the class whilst rolling. I was opting for a brabo grip/choke to armbar type deal whilst looking for sweeps. Thought Id sunk the armbar but gary escaped very well using just what he had taught. And then he choked me somehow from a position I was certain I was safe in, turns out this is his thing. We went again and I ended up in his guard where he tried I choke I was pretty sure would only work if he was on top. Top hand forcing one lapel across the throat and the other pulling down on the other lapel. I postured and straightlocked my arms whilst thinking "no problems here". But then I felt myself going deeper down the rabbit hole and had to tap. He let go and we went to go again, but I couldnt move my hand or my face,eyes, or body. I was out....but still conscious just unable to move, wearing a stupid grin on my face. This lasted probaly about 5 seconds and I could feel myself swaying but then I felt ok and just had to sit against the wall for a little bit. Eerie.

Then rolled with a whitebelt and a bluebelt where my brabochoke armbar combo paid off a little better. Both were really cool and relaxed guys, and focused on technique and not muscling anything. Also tried some "long guard" that Micah taught me on thursday. Had a fantastic time, and this is another club I would reccomend!. Very nice mats to roll on aswell. After the session we went for some tea/coffee at the cafe just round the corner. Turns out Gary is a green lantern fan! always fun to meet fellow geeky BJJ'ers, more of a batman guy myself but with the GL film looking likely Im taking more of an interest.

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