Saturday, 11 July 2009


Been a loooong time since my last update, life has just been stepping in the way. But Ive been steadily building up a library of content that Ive been dieing to post. Went on a barge trip around France and have been working quite abit which has slowed training annoyingly. And the pilgrimage, but Im hoping to put that right very soon.
Heres some holiday snaps though:

Showing off my guns at this cool resteraunt. I had snails but avoided the horse burger.

From this holiday I gained 2kg's in about a week and a very fond love of Desperado's!

Bringing the boat into a lock, we did about 50 of these!

Giving the camera's a show.

Club news:

Big bunch of our guys recently got promoted to blue, which is fantastic. Myself and some of the older blues each got a stripe.

Couple of medals from the british open so big congrats to the guys who do well there, especially Rich who Ive been training a fairbit with in his private lessons. Very steady progression.

The guys also held a 6 hour grapplethon at the academy to raise money for a hospice one of our guys works at. Was a great success and everyone did spiffingly. Matt apperantly lost over 5kg'sin sweat.

Pilgrimage news:

Aaarg its been killing me being unable to get the momentum going. But its not dead I promise! the dream is still alive. Camberly, Mill hill, Haslemere, mataleon, bjj school battersea, Zt fight skool brighton! Im looking at you!!!

The GAA (grappling arts association) also just offered me complimentary insurance and membership which is very generous of them so Ill be sporting a patch in support. These guys do a great job so check them out.

Other news!:

Check this awesome video of Cobrinha showing off his Capoiera .
Also funnily enough, Cobrinha asked on his facebook page for questions for a fan interview and he was kind enough to select one of mine. Its in the background/history section.

Check out both these blogs. Both are excellent and use quite different formats:

Laymans journey into BJJ

Moving to Brazil


slideyfoot said...

There's a new one on the map, in Surrey: followed a link from my blog stats, so the instructor must have stumbled across the blog.

South African guy, so especially interesting for you. ;)

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Nice one! got a direct train to sutton so ill hit that next probaly. Ive mostly encountered RGA and carlson places so nice to get a patch from another association. SA thing is a bonus, might try lure Lawrence the south african at RGA wimbledon down there as well.