Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Jibber jabber

Went to Italo's in worcester on saturday and had a blast. My camera packed up on me again though so am just waiting for Italo to send me the pic he took from his phone. The post is all written so soon as I get it ill put it up.

But thought I might as well include some extra stuff.

Watched this 3 part mini doc the other day on the jiu jitsu life style. Little bit cheesy but I found it quite enjoyable and an interesting watch:

On monday my girlfriends cousins popped over for abit of a grapple, brought their own mats and everything. The weather was great so was alot of fun. I got my ass kicked for most of it but I picked up some nice no gi pointers. Helped them with their gi stuff. And generally just had alot of fun. At the moment they train at braulio's but as they have only been training no gi have no rank!. Stephen is currently undefeated (11-0) and is the amateur champion in his division for the combat sports/mma universe organisation. Check his profile at: MMA Universe 10 fights one in the first round! half of them by triangle!. He triangled me.....very quickly. From talking to him it seems he can hang with purple belts (and sub them) nogi, which puts him in the funny situation of being legitimately able to compete at white belt in gi comps but obviously able to compete much higher. If you were in the same position would you just wear the white but insist at fighting at blue/ purple?. Or would this be seen as rude to your club/instructer?

After being taken down about 5 times in a row I got him with a judo outer leg reap, but his fatigue might of been a factor there :P.

His brother wasnt a slouch either, and fighting his brother often seemed to end in tie's. Managed an armbar on him when we put on the gi, but pretty much got sat on otherwise.

Things I took away with me:
Wrist control
Standing throws with whizzer/overhook!
head control
underhooks can really stuff you up from almost every position
getting beaten up for 2 hours is alot less tiring than doing the beating.


Meerkatsu said...

Was there much weight difference between them and you?

they clearly love their no-gi and MMA and if they wanted to do BJJ with the gi, I'm sure they would clean up in whites defo, maybe blue, but surely purple would be a step too high technically?

Anyway, nothing like a friendly grapple with friends and family. Showed my wife a few BJJ escapes the other day. She thought it was quite good fun.

Jadon Ortlepp said...

They were probaly between 6 and 10kg heavier. And pretty built at that weight. But I hate using weight as an excuse.

I think you are right, in the gi I would equate them to good blue's. As I lasted much much longer and was able to defend and attack more easily. No gi was just murder though.

I rely very much on the lapels to help me break posture and to help me setup sub attempt/ sweep attempt combo's.

patrick said...

Here in Japan we got Judo black belts and amateur Shooto fighters who come in as "white belts" to the school and wipe the mat with almost all of the white belts and even a few blues. All the purple belts I've rolled with are still the same with/without the gi - crazy submission machines!

The points you mentioned about no-gi are dead on. Wrist and head control, underhooks. Good thing is those translate well when going from no-gi to gi. It's harder to go the other way, gi to no-gi.