Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Learning from teaching

My schedule is now fairly sorted. Wake up at 6:30am; breakfast at 7; teach a young group english at 8:30 for an hour. Lunch at 12 (Lunch is the big meal here); teach older teens english for an hour. Then we train Jiu jitsu for one to two hours. 4pm I teach the teens english for an hour, then teach more BJJ for an hour and I eat dinner at 6pm. Inbetween this trying to get photo's of each of the 250 kids for a catalogue thing we are making for sponsorship.

Lets talk jiu jitsu though.

Its nogi by default (shorts and shirt). And I like to teach using games, I do get them to do alot of drilling but I find they respond really well to these "games". I.E guard passing, holding open guard while the top guy tries to touch your head, try throw Jadon, moving round someones body whilst keeping consistent pressure, sumo. Been racking my brain trying to think of some new ones. Drill wise have been doing basic techniques with at the moment more emphasis on posture, base,pressure,escapes, passing and sweeping than the submissions. Although I have introduced a few. Been quite carefull to avoid any injuries.

Occasionaly I throw in a game that is good for me as well. I.E throw jadon. Where I let them get what ever grip they want (they love single leg) and then I defend. After which I explain the defense I used and get them to drill it. Also do it in a passing and sweeping sense, each time making sure I explain what I did. As its a small class I spend alot of time on them individually and roll with them giving feedback. I am getting more concise and my explanations clearer, which is important as babbling just confuses them.

Personelly I have been focusing on some de la riva (when Im rolling)as its a good oppertunity for me to get it up to scratch, and Im getting comfortable keeping people off balance with it. Even without the sleeve grips. By the time I get back to the UK Im gonna be in top form, never mind rusty!. Each time I correct someones mistake I am also correcting myself not to make the same mistake. And although Im not getting a workout or am being pushed by someone equal or better than me, Im still learning from them. Combining moves together is at the fore front my mind for my own development recently.

  • Sit up sweep goes with kimura
  • Pendelum sweep goes with armbar
  • Scissor sweep can setup a collar choke or even omoplata
  • An omoplata can lead to a reversal of position (not quite a sweep)
  • Triangle leads to mounted triangle (sweep?)
  • Half guard arm triangle can lead to a sweep
  • Triangle can also = armbar and even kimura depending on their defense
  • You can sweep someone from underneath side control using an americana
  • etc etc
Really getting this down I think will bring me up a few notches, my mind knows it I just gotta get my body to know it by reflex. Still thinking to much.


Badshah said...

- Triangle leads to mounted triangle (sweep?)

would you want this, rather finish the triangle then finish the sweep and end up sitting on top

Jadon Ortlepp said...

I think its more in the case where it is proving difficult to finish. Or they are attempting the catdip defense/escape. Going to mount pretty much seals the deal really. If the triangle is coming on strong from your back then I would agree their isnt much point going to mounted triangle. Unless perhaps you do not have much confidence in your triangle from bottom.

Jadon Ortlepp said...

Also just realised you could also setup a triangle from a scissor sweep (slideyfoot - Ryan Hall).